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March 2011
Version 1.0ß Fresh build, included start of manual in download...
-- download 1.0ß--
Nov. 5, 2006
Version 0.96 Several bug fixes. Added offset to NOTE state select (prefs window).
-- download 0.96--
Jan. 8, 2006
Version 0.95 Parameter window bug fixed. Also fixed some issues with OSC implementation. Added movie sync, synchronize movie clips on a local lan through OSC; switch it on in the 'master' on the lan, other machines listening on that OSC channel will reset their movie clips in sync.
-- download 0.95--
Nov. 6, 2005
Version Fixed some random crashes while clicking. Log is now at ~/Library/Logs/imx.log. Crash/hang detection & recovery works now. Video setting are remembered across sessions.
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Jul. 11, 2005
Version Fixes; file dialog, popup confusion, etc.
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Jun. 25, 2005
Version 0.9.4. Some small fixes; plugins initialize properly again, fixed the compression settings bug. Also added a 'list bindings' command (<cmd>B) so you can get an overview of what is hooked up to what.
Manual is still next... -- download 0.94--
Apr. 17, 2005
Version 0.9.3. Many small fixes once more; movie recording works again. State changes should be faster. Movie position when states change can now be specified; stored, start and ignore set the position to the start of the clip, to the position stored in the state, or leave the position unchanged. Also added an 'edit state' so current setting are kept in a saved file, even if not explicitly saved to a state.
Manual is next, I guess. -- download 0.93--
Apr. 3, 2005
Version 0.9.2. Interface tweaks are approaching the end... Windows now have a consistent look. Media items can be imported in the sequences; right-click in sq window. A 'save & collect' option in the file menus allows you to save 'imp' packages, which contain all media referenced in the current file + the file itself, handy for backup & transport. Countless smaller fixes & updates. -- download 0.92--
Mar. 9, 2005
Version 0.9.1. Many changes... Fixed OSC for plugins. Midi control for states and presets. Added fade. Multiply selected movies now load in alphabetical order. Many more, I forgot.
Biggest upset is, of course, the new interface setup. No more mess on startup. It also is something that everybody familiar with the old setup has to get used to, without a manual... I've prepared a screenshot with some explanation, check here, hope it will get you started. The program has not changed at all, just the interface.
Much more needs to be done; most notably, the rest of the windows need to be brought into the new scheme. Let me know what you think.
Feb. 17, 2005
Version Fixed an off by one bug in the HID controller selection meganism. Should be ok now, also for the STEIM hid controller. Also implemented the midi preset and state change; as in the Os9 version, #126 is previous, #127 is next, in both preset and state select.
People have asked about the OSC implementation; check the console.log, you'll find a list of OSC addresses which are understood; float 0.0-1.0, and in some case (movieselect) strings can be sent.

Version 0.9. This means that the main application is approaching a state that I (and others, once I convince them) can live with. Should be stable, with all features implemented. Feature extensions for the 1.0 version will, in principle, be implemented as plugins. Suggestions for improvement of usability and, of course, bug reports are highly welcome.
One thing that will change is the background window. It is just never right. Not sure what direction that will take, we'll see.

Os9 Version

The Os9 version (1.3.2) can be downloaded here.

Plugin SDK

The Plugin SDK will be downloadable here.